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"We'll be stoke'n, ain't no joke'n... What were your last painters smoke'n?!"

Adults that smoke cigarettes have in many cases had to revert back to their high school days in order to get a quick puff of a cigarette. Remember when you were at school and a bunch of kids would hide in the bathroom and smoke really fast while someone stood look out at the door.

Smoking - people lie about smoking. If you smoke, you will meet people who don't approve of your habit. Rather than listen to their complaints, you hide your habit.

If you are thinking of becoming a painting contractor in Florida, you must apply for and obtain your painting contractor's license. This is the law in Florida.

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President Obama has quit smoking cigarettes. He should now support, and work on a campaign for a nonsmoking America. :)


I hope cigarettes become illegal is this country. I am grateful there is a nonsmoking painter.


I never seen this man smoke ever. So, he does not smoke. :) :) :) Good for him.


The spring begun. ...

My doctor is mad :D He told me, he helps me to stop smoking ciggy with more doses CLNZPM. ... Three times a day.... not understand to him....

his wean method is strange. ... i have waen clon.

.. and he prescribe me begger dosses more times a day :D ?!!



Cigarettes can make a person ugly, and sick.

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